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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

You've probably seen the default Discord Server widget, which looks ancient. We provide the same functionality, but with a modern twist.

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Infinity Bot List 

Toxic Dev#5936

We make it easier for you to advertise and grow your Discord Bots using our bot packs, vanity link's, stylish widget's and more.

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Toxic Dev#5936

Experiencing some Issues with your Favourite Bots? Search our vast list and let the world know about it!

Looking for experienced Discord Server Moderators and Developers? Search our endless list of experienced users!

A multi-purpose bot with many functions. See images from the mars, moderate your server easily, create polls with result & more!

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Voltic Development


A place you can call home. Need help with what you are working on? Come join us and ask the community.

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